President's Greeting -- January 2014


I trust you all are staying warm in your communities and looking forward to spring as I am.  January is a time of the year that I enjoy actually.  It's the closest to a new beginning that many of us get, and I find it a productive time.  There is a Chinese proverb that says, "A day's planning is done in the morning.  A year's planning is done in the spring."  If that is the case, I am even more ready for spring, because this chapter has data
from which we can form plans.

Our Chapter Survey results are in from National.  Great news:  70% of our chapter is either Extremely or Highly Satisfied with the chapter overall.  The goal that National sets for us is 60%.  We beat it!  While this is good for our Chapter Balanced Score Card, it also leaves room for improvement.  I want to share three areas of consideration on which I would like to receive feedback over the next 2 months:

Location of Chapter Programs

Oh boy!  Accourding to the survey, this is the one thing that would most improve our chapter.  We are already talking about developing a program to be held on the west side of the state.  Perhaps in Dodge City?  That being said, Wichita seems to be the best location for the value and accomodation.  By relocating our Cost Report meeting from Overland Park to Wichita, we saved over $10,000.  If not Wichita, then where?  We will look into the Salina location again, but in the past this location did not serve our chapter well.  Please let us know.

Topics of Interest

The Sunflower Chapter of HFMA is currently LEADING THE NATION in Education hours per member with 22.6 hours.  The meetings that we run regularly receive excellent evaluations, and we read everyone of them.  The topics of most interest to our members appear to be:  Fiscal Intermediary Reimbursement Update (this is covered every October), State Medicaid Program (we covered this last July and will consider doing it again this year), and Impact of Insurance Exchanges (once again, this was covered last July).  All three of these topics are updated each year at our All Payer's meeting held in conjunction with Kansas Hospital Association.  This is also a chance for me to make sure you are all aware of our April 16 and 17 meeting in Wichita.  Sandy Wolfskill, Director Revenue Cycle MAP at HFMA, Past President of Wolfskill & Associates, will provide best practice tips on how the CFO, Health Information Managment Leaders, and Patient Financial Services management can work together as a team (and at the same meeting), to ensure that cash is in your bank account, and not the bank accounts of government programs or insurance companies.

Chapter Engagement

Twenty-four percent of our chapter responded to the survey sent by National HFMA.  That seems like a small sample, but it appears to be on the high side of the average response nationwide.  That being said, I wonder what the other 76% think?  Are you comfortable with how your chapter is serving you?  Do you find the educational opportunities both informative and in a good location?  What can your chapter leaders do to engage you this coming year?

We have our leaders lined up for 2014-15, but we are always looking for members that are interested in becoming involved in chapter leadership.  As I prepare to hand over the reins in April to Becky Newton, I can tell you that the officer rotation has been an experience that I would not replace.  I appreciate all of the high caliber members of this chapter and their willingness to participate in making this chapter better than it already is.  Please reach out to me if you are interested in getting involved. 

Healthcare Financial Management Association (National)