President's Message -- Fall 2014


I hope everyone is geared up and excited for a great college (and professional) football season!  Since Newton Medical Center is a 6/30 year end, I have to find something other than the Cost Report to generate excitement in the fall months!

Bill Lane and I just returned from the Fall President's Meeting in Chicago.  We had a great time metworking with our Region 8 Presidents and President-Elects and came back with fresh ideas and tools to better serve our members.  Volunteerism, Membership Recruitment and Retention, and Member Satisfaction were the "hot topics" around the table at this joint meeting.

HFMA is a volunteer-driven organization that cannot function without volunteer members.  Volunteer member input and assistance allows chapter leadership to prepare relevant programming and networking opportunities.  Chapter volunteers also have full-time jobs.  More members becoming involved will equalize the workload and inject new ideas and creative thinking.

Membership recruiting and retention is important and helps our chapter maintain a crucial level of industry knowledge and experience.  Long-standing members bring vast knowledge and understanding of issues that affect our industry.  Members new to our profession bring a fresh perspective to current trends and technology.  It is important to maintain a membership balance to keep our chapter relevant to all segments.

Member satisfaction is measured each year by a survey from HFMA National that arrives via email near the end of October.  This survey informs chapter leaders about how satisfied members are with the educational programs offered, location of the meetings, newsletter and website content and networking opportunities.  Last year we had a 24% survey response with 70% of our members either being very or extremely satisfied.  In order to increase member satisfaction, changes were made based on the comments received from the survey.  Most quarterly meetings are held in Wichita, a more central location.  Also education includes regional and state issues when possible, the look and content of the newsletter has been updated, the annual chapter meeting in April was moved to a lunch instead of an evening event and on-going negotiation with the host hotel keeps registration costs from rising.  Current projects include updating the website and investigating alternate meeting locations.

I am very proud of the Sunflower Chapter.  HFMA National tracks each Chapter's progress through two measurements-the Chapter Balanced Scorecard and the Davis Chapter Management Report.  Each year our Chapter is measured against other HFMA chapters with a base-line report that is developed and monitored by HFMA National and local chapter leaders.  Some of the criteria is task-driven (on-time reporting, etc.) and other criteria is results-driven (membership retention, education hours per member, passed certifications, annual membership satisfaction survey).  Chapters must at least meet the baseline criteria established by HFMA National each year however, there are stretch goals that can be attained by a chapter that provides excellence in one or more of the measured areas.  Last year, I am happy to report that the Sunflower Chapter received the Platinum Award for Excellence in Education (29.4 hours per member) and the Bronze Award for Membership Growth and Retention.  Nationally, our chapter has been in the Top 10% in education hours per member as far back as they can be viewed on HFMA National's website.

Your chapter leadership will continue to strive to serve our membership to the best of our ability.  Go Cats!

Becky Newton
Director of Accounting
Newton Medical Center

Healthcare Financial Management Association (National)