President's Greeting -- April 2014

While it is hard to believe that a year has passed since I was installed as the HFMA Sunflower (Kansas) Chapter President, it appears that is the case.  It's been a fantastic year within the chapter thanks to all the innovative and hard work performed by all the chapter volunteers.  I am so excited about the new communication tool that we have for members.  Thanks to Nikki Esquibel's leadership on the Membership Committee for that.  Our chapter is currently reporting the most hours of education per member in the country!  It takes a lot of planning to make that happen, and the Program Committee led by Laraine Gengler is to be commended for that.  The entire Board is an amazing group of people that make this chapter's success a priority, and I want to be sure to thank them for all their hard work this year as well.

Even though our chapter performed quite well based on the national expectations and standards, it was not  necessarily an easy year for us.  We set a lot of goals in our Strategic Planning last year that went unmet.  We experienced surprising changes in leadership throughout the year.  We struggled to keep our finger on the pulse of what our membership needed to learn about in our meetings.

That being said, we did it.  While my term as President has a beginning and an end, we don't get very much of that in our everyday lives.  I invite you to celebrate this finite end with me and to prepare for another great year under the leadership of Becky Newton.  It's been an honor to serve and represent Kansas - thank you for the opportunity.  Make this year ridiculously amazing!  Why not?

Healthcare Financial Management Association (National)