President's Message -- Spring 2016

Hello again Sunflower Chapter.  Spring is here and that means several things.  The grass is growing, flowers are blooming, the pollen count is swelling, allergy season is hitting many of us hard, and the Sunflower Chapter has a new president.  Yes, my term is ending and at our Annual Meeting on April 13th, we swore in a new president, Josh Honn.  I know Josh will lead us well.  We also swore in a new slate officers and board members for the 2016-17 year.  I want to personally thank them for their willingness to volunteer and serve our chapter.  They are looking forward to a new year and moving the chapter to new heights.  Finally, I want to thank all our volunteers who serve in any capacity in our chapter.  There are so many roles to fill and running this chapter would not be possible without all the volunteers.

Thank you to all who attended the annual meeting in April, which also served as our quarterly education meeting.  There was a great slate of speakers who gave us insight on healthcare changes expected in Washington, Medicare cost report topics, Kansas legislative update, and Lean process improvement.  I hope you enjoyed the meeting as much as I did.

Since the last president's message, our chapter ventured into new territory with the February HERe Women's Conference in Lawrence.  The meeting was attended by 76 members and non-members and had good reviews.  The Program Committee is looking at upcoming year and determining what's next for our chapter.

Our chapter has one of the highest in the nation education hours per member at 23.8.  I suspect by the time all hours are compiled we will be in the top 5 or so.  I am very proud our members support our educational opportunities in such abundance.

Our chapter membership total continues to lag the starting count of 300.  We are tracking new members and new member sponsors to our Chapter for the year end prize.  As of last count we are still 26 short of our beginning number.  You can refer prospective members to the Member Services Team number, 1-800-252-4362, extension 2.  Membership is a targeted area for improvement in 2016-17.

In closing, I want to personally thank all of our past and present leadership team.  Their advice and support was always welcome and appreciated.  Thanks and enjoy your spring!

Bill Lane
President, 2015-2016

Healthcare Financial Management Association (National)