President's Message -- Winter 2016

Happy New Year!  The holidays are over, winter is here, and I'm happy to say that I have not shoveled snow yet.  There is however some snow on the ground from yesterday's storm, so I might need to get to that.

I was happy to see so many familiar faces at the December Quarterly meeting and All Payer Workshop.  The attendance was great and the topics were most informative.  Other HFMA chapters are always amazed to hear how many attendees we get to the payer workshop.  That's a testament to our Program Committee and all of you for attending or at least sending your staff to attend.

The HERe Conference is right around the corner, February 5th, in Lawrence.  This is a new conference offering and I would encourage you all to take a look and attend.   You should have received registration information via Dee's e-mail blast.  If not, you can find the brochure Here or go to our webpage:

Our Secretary, Julie Williams, is moving to Texas and so will not be completing her officer rotation.  We wish her the best and hope she likes the "stars at night."  Our Past President, Board Member, Program Chair and all around great person, Laraine Gengler, has generously offered to fill in to complete her rotation.

We continue to track new members and new member sponsors to our Chapter for the year end prize.  As of last count we are still 27 short of our beginning number.  If you know of someone who should join, then send them our way.  The rates are discounted right now.  Also, we are taking a closer look at rates for upcoming conferences and setting the discount to members at a more attractive amount.   They can call the Member Services Team at 1-800-252-4362 extension 2.

As always, I would encourage current members to look for a volunteer opportunity within the chapter.  We have many committees and roles that you could be a part of, however small or large.  You are a valued member of our chapter and our success depends on member involvement and input.

The Chapter Satisfaction Survey results have been returned and I am encouraged by the results.  They show an overall high satisfaction with the chapter at 76%, which was 15 percentage points higher than last year.  That's great!  There were many responses that we will be reviewing and discussing at upcoming planning meetings.

Keep thinking about becoming certified with HFMA.  When you are done thinking, take action and make it happen.  It's challenging and rewarding, but not impossible.  Hey, I was even able to do it.   HFMA National has revised the process and it is now online.  Please research the National HFMA website for the revised certification process.  Our chapter reimburses up to $500/per member for the costs.  So, keep your receipts and turn in your expense form to our Treasurer, Danica Case.  The expense form and Danica's e-mail information is on our website as well.

Your staff may also be interested in the HFMA Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) program, which can be a great way to professionally grow your employees.

Thanks and have a great 2016!

Bill Lane
President, 2015-2016

Healthcare Financial Management Association (National)