President's Message -- Summer 2015

Greetings!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  The Sunflower Chapter started a new fiscal year on 6/1 and we are preparing a new year of educational programs.  We hope you can make it to as many programs as possible.

Our Past-President, Becky Newton, attended the HFMA Annual National Institute in Orlando in June and accepted five awards on behalf of our chapter:  

* Platinum Award of Excellence for Education
* C. Henry Hottum Award for Educational Performance Improvement
* Bronze Award of Excellence for Membership Growth and Retention
* Bronze Award of Excellence for Certification
* Helen Yerger Special Recognition Award for chapter Innovation/Improvements.

I would like to thank Becky for her leadership this past year and also thank all the chapter volunteers who worked hard and gave their time during the year to help attain these special recognition's.

The strength of a HFMA chapter is measured by the membership and their involvement in the chapter, not only in attending education events, but also in participating as a volunteer in some capacity.  We are a strong chapter, but there is always room for improvement.  To that end, I want to encourage all of our members to seek out an officer, board member, or volunteer to see what small or large part you can play in the strengthening of our chapter.

Our membership always takes a hit in the new fiscal year as renewals are not received by National.  The latest count I've seen is that 59 or our 300 members did not renew in time.  This represents nearly 20% of our base.  If you still have the renewal form sitting on your desk under a pile of work, please consider renewing quickly as that will save us time in tracking you down.  Also, if you know a potential HFMA member within your organization or neighboring facility that could benefit from our chapter's offerings, then please reach out to them and encourage them to join.

Each year there is a Satisfaction Survey that goes out to all chapter members.  Once your answers are compiled we review the feedback and try to make changes which will improve our chapter.  The next survey will go out this fall and I encourage you all to take time to complete.

Bill Lane
President, 2015-2016

Healthcare Financial Management Association (National)